TV Shows With the Best Sex Scenes

Romance is one of the favorite genres of many when it comes to books, movies, and even tv shows. When we talk about romantic tv shows, for sure, it would feature passionate kisses and even some sex scenes. So, here are the tv shows with the best sex scenes to heat up your tv screens.

Gossip Girl

Yes, a threesome was featured in the 3rd season of this tv show. It is based on the book with the same name and it has a total of 6 seasons. It revolves around the story of upper-class teens and a mysterious “Gossip Girl” who spreads scandals. Due to the success of this series, it has won the Teen Choice Awards.

The Tudors

Among the tv shows in this list, this one had the most intense sex scene to the point that Henry Cavill even revealed that he had an erection while they were filming it. Well, this show is about King Henry VIII, his reign, and his marriages as well but nevertheless, not all scenes in this show are exactly what happened in history. This series had a total of 4 seasons.


Girls is a tv show that has taken things to a new level, especially when it comes to intimacy and of course, sex with some butt play involved. Allison Williams even asked her father for some advice about the sex scenes. She also revealed that they created an elaborate plan for it. For those who haven’t watched the show, it follows the story of 4 young women who are residing in New York City.

Game of Thrones

Who wouldn’t know this hit fantasy drama tv show that was even filmed in the different parts of the world including Spain, Iceland, Croatia, Morocco and Canada? It first premiered in 2011 and people are awaiting its 8th season, which is expected to air either next year or in 2019. What made the sex scene in this show different from the others on the list is that it starred a real-life couple but despite that, Kit said that the scene was staged heavily. It was also the first sex scene that he has done in his acting career.


For those who are looking for shows that have a lot of sex scenes, this one is for you. The avid viewers of this show waited almost half of the season just to watch the intimate scene during the wedding ceremony of Jamie and Claire. According to Sam Heugen, both he and his co-actor were quite nervous while they were filming the scene but no sign of nervousness from the two was reflected on the screen. Outlanders is a time traveling show that is set in the historic times.

What more can we say about these tv shows? We can only commend its actors for being professional in doing whatever is required for the scene. Of course, the entire crew of these tv shows also played an important role in making the scenes look more beautiful and realistic.

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