How 50 Shades of Grey became so popular

An erotic romance novel by E.L James made name to the world. It is considered as one of the most popular novels that made name in the film industry. From the fan-fiction theme that made audiences realize how amazing the writer was to making the characters of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel became the talk of the town because of the twists and turns of their roles and persona in the said novel. The trilogy’s success hits the romantic plus erotic scheme that catches the attention of too many people in the world.

Many reviewers of the movie said that the sex cells and kinky romances in the movie made women’s lust for being erotic are very obvious. On the other side, the popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” made men speak about the facts of being in line to pornography and the ideas of sex are more of men’s actions and desires. In fact, they believe that in this novel, the so called “fantasy” starts when men are being into it and choose to end when they are done with it. In other words, men are in control about their fantasy and desires when it comes to sex or women.

Women and Men facts about “Fifty Shades of Grey” that made this so popular

Women believed that Fifty Shades of Grey taught them the vast idea of sex or what sex could bring to them from the erotica novels. They also believed that the whole plot focuses on desire of women and what is sex for them that became the mainstream in the culture. Likewise, in all media forms or literary forms, sex has long been selling erotic tales, earns best spot in the seller lists and became an open topic for sexuality. In the long way run of the plot twists, that being ‘submissive’ in the relationship of a woman (as Anastasia Steel’s one of her characters in the novel) made impact to the audience, dwell in the habit of being passionate about it because of their desire to be into it.

On the other persona, Men, as the other counter part of women, believed that men can be a single minded person that only focuses on one person just like Christian Grey who focuses only to Ana Steel, alone. Sex desire to only one person but controllably handle towards about it, meaning to say an unapologetic sexual desire. More likely, being driven as a person taught a lot of men readers to be more passionate about their work and life. The external markers of success and health speak to Grey’s unending drive and passion for what kind of living he wanted to have.

There are many reasons that made the audience so intact to this kind of literary form in the world. It is not only about the desire on sex or the lust of a man towards a woman. There are more than that, such as the lesson of two individual characters in the story, the situation where in the climax got it into twisted scenarios and the impossible love that made them believe that there are still existing ways on how to be in a most secretive ways, furthermore be attracted in love.

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