Celebrity Sex Scenes That Looked Real

Sex on screen isn’t a new thing anymore. Since it’s a natural part of human experience, few directors choose to integrate into their film, however unsimulated. This is for the sake of an amplified sense of realism. You’ll really believe that actors and actresses are doing real sex.  Here’s a rundown of celebrity scenes which will surely surprise you;

Crank sex scene

Right in the middle of Chinatown, Jason Statham decided to have sex with Amy Smart so he can keep his heart beating.

Nymphomaniac (2014)

This film is a two-part story revolving around Joe, a nominal sex addict who wants to trace her sensual journey. Her naughty psychosexual odyssey does have unsimulated sex scenes between Joe (played by Stacy Martin) and her lover (portrayed by Shia LaBeouf).

In the climactic of this sexually explicit movie, it treated its audience into close-up shots of Shia penetrating Stacy. For your information, the act is shot right from below while Shia is standing. At the same time, Stacy is sitting him. Thus, you can see his shaft entering her over and over again without showing the actor’s face.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

AbdellatifKechiche, the filmmaker of this three-hour saga, narrates the epic of a 15-year old girl named as Adele Exarchapoulus. Right after the failed fling with her classmate, she just found herself in love with Emma (played by Lea Seydoux), a college student. It’s merely a raw portrayal of first love onscreen. Furthermore, it contains a seven-minute sensual scene between two women which looks badly real. Indeed, it is a mixture of grunting, writhing as well as slapping. It also seems like there’s an oral and manual vaginal penetration.

Oral sex scene from Blue Valentine (2010)

Starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, this movie doesn’t falters to make its audience a bit uncomfortable with its raw symbol of married life. There’s nothing about Cindy and Dean’s relationship depicted as a heavily romanticized. The depiction of the movie of sex specifically feels frank brutally. The most remarkable in this part is when the couples involved in cunnilingus. Their environment is not flattering, the light is not bright as well as their venture isn’t portrayed glamorously. Be that as it may, the dynamic between the couples is hundred percent honest.

Office Space (1999)

Lastly, this cult classic achieved several details of an ordinary office environment which includes having a crush on a cute waitress. Aniston’s troubled flair-wearing waitress character, Joanna, allows the audience to see how difficult it is to work in a food service establishment.  The sex scene is hilariously sensual.

Some of them are intense, others are funny and romantic. Some of them involve doubles or CGI to make you believe they are real, other simply create some tricks. Cinema has been in the industry for more than one hundred years and throughout the whole period of filmmaking history, creative directors and actors excellently elevated these sex scenes into new heights. They all deserve an applause for making these sex scenes looked real.

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